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Spotlight On Lulu’s The Salon & Spa Galveston, Tx

LuLu Benavidez owns LuLu’s The Salon & Spa in Galveston, an island city on the Gulf Coast of Texas, known for the amusement rides and restaurants along the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier on the south shore. The city’s premier full-service salon, LuLu’s has been serving the community for 40 years. “We’re the only commission/salaried salon in the city,” says Benavidez, a member of Intercoiffure, who stresses the importance of continuing education, training and teamwork. “I’m always looking for ways to improve my business.”

She found one when she began partnering with Suretint™ Technologies two years ago. The company’s app has significantly reduced hair color waste and had a positive impact on her bottom line. “I’ve probably reduced product waste by about 50 percent,” she says. “I’m also finding that we use about 30 grams or less of color per retouch. We used to dispense about three ounces of color per retouch even though most of our clients came in with only half an inch of regrowth. Suretint™ dispenses one ounce per application. That’s a huge savings over time.”

Another thing Benavidez likes about Suretint™ is that it ensures predictable results.
“When we set up our client profiles, we know precisely how much color to dispense and exactly what formula was used,” she says. “We’ve got a lot of snowbirds who may not have been to the salon for four or five months. When they come in again after being away so long, we can find out exactly what was done on their last visit. Suretint™ puts all that data at your fingertips.”

Her clients also love it when colorists bring out their iPads during the consultation. “We can show her that we are setting up a profile, analyzing her hair and formulating something specific just for her,” says Benavidez. “It makes everyone on our staff look much more professional.”

Benavidez admits that for years she never wrote down her formulas. “I’d just look at my client’s hair and figure out what to do, but new stylists just learning about hair color are clueless. This gives them a tool that will help them be successful and provide predictable results every time. Let’s face it, clients come back again and again when they like the results they get from you.”