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The Top Seven Hair Color Trends for Fall/Winter 2019

As artists, hairdressers see color through art and architecture but also in fabrics, textiles, design and the world around them. ColorDesign decided to challenge its Artistic Team in a whole new way this year by asking them to create a 2019 Trend Collection based on one of the world’s most iconic color leaders—Pantone.


Each year a global team of experts from the Pantone Color Institute analyzes color trends from all over the world, studying how color influences human thought processes, emotions and physical reactions. It’s a trendsetting concept that goes hand-in-hand with the Pantone Color Trend Report, which predicts the most important seasonal color trends from the catwalk.


Working with Pantone’s Color Forecast for Autumn/Winter 2019, which includes 12 standout colors and four neutrals, the team came up with seven compelling looks with unlimited creative potential that run the gamut from a fiery red to a dynamic brunette.

Chili Pepper


  • Chili Pepper, a sizzling shade of red inspired by Pantone Chili Pepper, Orange Tiger and Sugar Almond, provided just the right amount of spice for ColorDesign Artists Jean Lyons and Tierra Brown, who wanted to play up their model’s warm glow. First they applied ColorDesign Permanent Color to damp hair in a balayage technique through mid-shafts and ends to soften and lighten. Then they used the ColorDesign Shadow Base technique to apply a second formula of ColorDesign Permanent Color in ¼” diagonal back partings. While that was processing, they applied ColorDesign Ammonia-Free White Powder Lightener and 5-Volume Developer mid-shaft to ends on diagonal back slices. After hair was shampooed and dried, a formula of Fun&Glam Extreme Red, Explosive Yellow and Atomic Green was applied to the shadow root, while another formula of ColorDesign Direct Dark Copper Blonde and Fun& Glam Fresh Orange was applied mid-shaft and ends, melting the two colors together.


Peach Pink


Peach Pink puts a whole new spin on the rose-gold trend. ColorDesign Artists Jackie Heredia and Tatianna Salcedo love the colors of Havana, which they found in Pantone Peach Pink, Fruit Dove and Vanilla Custard. Starting with diagonal back partings, they applied a formula of ColorDesign Permanent Color to previously lightened hair in foils with baby-fine slices. After rinsing out the babylights, they applied a formula of ColorDesign Beige Blonde Direct Color, Copper Direct Color and Red Blonde Direct Color.

Rocky Road


  • Rocky Road allowed ColorDesign Artists Janessa and Drew Berry to make the transition from a level 4 brown to a cool blonde. Their inspiration? Pantone Rocky Road, Sugar Almond and Vanilla Custard. Working with ½” diagonal back sections and using a formula of ColorDesign SHINY BLOND and 20-Volume Developer, they alternated ColorDesign’s Freehand Balayage technique, Ombre and Babylights. Then, using 1” diagonal back partings and ColorDesign’s Shadow Base technique, they applied two formulas of ColorDesign Permanent Color, melting the two formulas together.




  • Bluestone is a saucy blonde from ColorDesign Artists MJ Connors and Anthony Defalco, who went to great lengths to avoid a drab ash shade. Instead, they allowed that blonde to pop off neutrals like Pantone Bluestone, Evening Blue and Paloma. The team created six different formulas using ColorDesign Permanent Color and SHINY BLOND. Formula 1 was applied from base-to-ends to even out the canvas. Formula 2 was applied to the base first, then to mid-shafts and ends. Finally, they alternated horizontal partings in back, weaving and alternating the remaining formulas.


Biking Red


  • Biking Red (ColorDesign Artists Cindy Cruz and Andrew Madvin were inspired by Pantone Biking Red, Bluestone and Paloma) could light up a room or be very sublime. Think Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The retro look got its start with ColorDesign Permanent Color to create an auburn base. Then an overlay of ColorDesign Direct Color Intensive Red and Wild Bordeaux and Fun&Glam Explosive Yellow were applied using the ColorDesign Shadow Base technique. Finally, a formula of ColorDesign Direct Color Intensive Red and Fun&Glam Extreme Red and Explosive Yellow was melted into the previous section to blend perfectly.


Sugar Almond


  • Sugar Almond, a perfect combination of warm and cool tones, was inspired by Pantone Sugar Almond, Rocky Road and Vanilla Custard. ColorDesign Artists Luis Alcocer and Amber Hope Robertson created this dynamic brunette shade by foiling in ColorDesign SHINY BLOND, applying a formula of ColorDesign Permanent Color in two shades of brown, then toning the highlights with ColorDesign Permanent Color in shades of light beige and light gray.


  • Fruit Dove asks you to imagine an evening sunset with colors blending seamlessly through the hair. MJ Connors and Adel Shaw took inspiration from Pantone Fruit Dove, Evening Blue and Paloma to create this stellar effect. First, they applied foils in the fringe, alternating slices and weaves using ColorDesign Blue Powder Lightener and 30-Volume Developer. After applying a formula of ColorDesign Permanent Color in a rich shade of tobacco brown to the regrowth, they used a balayage technique to alternate formulas on the mid’s and ends. The big finish: an overlay of ColorDesign Fun&Glam Wild Bordeaux and Rebel Purple and ColorDesign Direct Color Silver Grey.


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