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Changing The Game

Martino Cartier has always been on the cutting-edge. The trendsetting hairstylist, educator and stage and TV personality has his own line of products currently on HSN, and both he and his eponymous salon in Sewell, New Jersey, have been featured on Bravo TV. So, it’s no surprise that he was on board with SureTint Technologies early on and adopted the company’s game-changing hair color software system to support both his business and his creativity.



As a salon owner, Cartier found that there was a lot to love about SureTint and recently migrated to SureTint’s new LaRu color management software.  From perfect batch sizing to color accuracy and repeatability to business data reporting, Martino was able to improve efficiencies in many areas of his business including inventory management. The system also enables him to simplify internal salon training without impinging on the colorist’s creativity and choices.



“The addition of LaRu by SureTint at the Martino Cartier Salon has been a huge asset to our busy salon atmosphere,” says Cartier, who is convinced that LaRu will dramatically improve and change the way salons do business in the coming years by delivering consistency, efficiency and savings day after day.


LaRu, the company’s most advanced hair color management software, was designed for savvy salon owners like Cartier and will continue to evolve and get better and better with new technology advancements. The cloud-based app has an easy-to-use user interface and added benefits, including reduced color waste; optimized color inventory management; real-time reports and analytics on all aspects of your color business; precise, detailed client profiles and formulas; and exact color formula replication. What’s more, LaRu captures before-and-after client pictures that stylists can share on social media.


In addition to adopting the technology at his own salon, Cartier also introduced LaRu by SureTint Technologies to the network of salons that participate in Friends Are By Your Side (FABYS), whose mission is to unite the global salon community by providing wigs or services at no charge to women and children who have lost their hair to chemotherapy. “A percentage of the incredible savings a salon will experience by using this technology can go to fund the wigs and services they provide for their clients,” says Cartier, who sees the partnership as a win-win for the salon and the community.