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What can Mia do for you?

Mia has forever changed the world of hair color management by bringing order and improving bottom lines with innovative technology. Mia "My Intelligent Assistant" hair salon app is perfect for those who want to more accurately manage their client profiles and formulas. Every professional needs a great assistant!

Ready to change your life for the better? You're only one click away. Download our app for hairstylists today.

Dispense My Color Efficiently

No more over mixing (current customers have reduced purchasing by 15-30% annually).

Reproduce My Colors Accurately

Formulas are available from visit to visit for easy repeatability, and can be dispensed with the same precision and accuracy by anyone. Salon guests love this feature because each visit’s application is precisely measured with matching tonal results.

Engage My Clients Professionally

Boost your credibility by engaging your client with a thorough consultation through Mia’s client profile. Gain their trust by reproducing accurate color on return visits.

Manage My Records Painlessly

Everything is transparent via our robust reporting portal — on demand WTD, MTD, YTD reports; inventory, technician performance, applications by guest and easy to use administrative utilities to manage the database. Automatic real-time recording of guest profiles and formulas make it easy to store them and find again.

Promote My Looks Socially

Mia is a community where creativity is encouraged. Peruse our gallery for inspiration or share your creations with us to be featured on our social media or in our gallery. Use #itsmymia for a chance to have your work featured in our gallery.

Make an Impact Environmentally

Two huge green values: you will reduce color and packaging waste as well as eliminate paper notecards with client information. Learn more about our Green Efforts

Get these looks

Tutorials & Step-by-Step: With the Mia hair color formula app, you can create inspiring looks, easily share your creations with #itsmymia, and collaborate with the Mia community.

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Who's using Mia?

Testimonials & featured users See how Mia is changing and improving business for stylists and salon owners. Spoiler alert: it's for the better!

Marc Levitan, Marc Levitan is the Owner of Essentials Salon and Day Spa in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and Essentials Valley Square in Warrington, Pennsylvania. 

Mia is a key component in helping owners understand the back end of their business.

Martino Cartier, Martino Cartier is a Celebrity Stylist, Salon Owner, Educator and Bravo TV personality.

No serious salon operator should be without Mia. In two months, we saved 26% in hair color.

Frank Gambuzza, Frank Gambuzza is the Owner of Salon Visage and Spa in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Since deploying the Mia system, we no longer have extra bowls of color lining the counter, waiting to use on the next client.

Sue Pemberton, International Artistic Director for Sue Pemberton Education & Private Studio Salon

Mia – My Intelligent Assistant – certainly is very intelligent and quite amazing at what it can do! We all have client record cards, so why not use Mia to save pictures, formulas, application for you in one place and record what inventory you have used. It truly is a brilliant App.


From the moment I saw this ground-breaking technology, as well as the numerous, measurable benefits Mia offers salons and colorists, I knew I not only wanted this system for my salon but I wanted to be part of the company in some way. Mia – My Intelligent Assistant – is game changing and no salon or professional should be without it.

Christopher Dove and John Simpson, Owners of COCRE8

As colorists, we create customized nuances for every guest. For MIA to record each and every one, keeps our creations consistent each and every visit. We love that MIA is just a tap away, keeping accurate records of our magic each and every day.

We're working together to keep people AND our planet beautiful! Learn more about our Green Efforts

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