Green Efforts

Mia hairstylist app is a proud partner with Green Circle Salons. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re doing awesome things. Here are the three biggest ways Green Circle Salons and Mia help salon professionals:

Be Green

They recycle and repurpose hair, foils, color tubes, papers and plastics AND divert excess hair chemicals from being rinsed down the drain. Mia especially helps you with that last one – see you later, over-mixing!

Save Money

Green Circle enables salons to implement energy and water saving systems through a unique funding tool that actually helps salons to afford these changes. You can use some of the money Mia has saved you with your reduced inventory to invest in greener systems for your salon!

Gain Clients

Get noticed by consumers looking to channel their spending into like-minded green-minded businesses through Green Circle's online green salon directory. Make sure you're on there by using Mia!

Tired of just making your clients beautiful and want to make the earth beautiful, too?

We're excited you want to start.

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Green Circle Salons: Making Beauty Sustainable

Here Are a Few Easy Tips to Kickoff Your Green Initiative in Your Salon Today!

No Paper

Use the no paper rule. Bookings, notes, emails, and social media take the place of binders, flyers, and postcards.

Fair Trade

Offer fair trade coffee and tea to your customers.

Light Bulbs

Switch out your old lightbulbs to eco-friendly soft-white CFLs.


Use plants around your salon to produce oxygen. Bonus tip: reuse old product bottles as planters!

Clean Green

Clean green! Use vegetable-based cleaning products or check to see that they're Green Seal.


Save water by only using the washer when it's full.


Add storefront curb appeal and lower your AC bill by adding potted plants, bistro chairs, and a large umbrella. The shade from the umbrella will keep your salon cooler.


Many plastic containers, magazines, allowable glass, types of cardboard and other paper items can be recycled. Call your trash pick-up company and ask about their recycling options to get started.