Daybreak Violet + Marina Blue + Teal + Lemongrass with Pravana Vivids

Hair Artist: Erica Reynolds KeelenPhotographer: Daryna Barykina

Pravana Shades

Daybreak Violet: 50g PASTELS Luscious Lavender + 25g VIVIDS Violet + 25g VIVIDS Clear

Marina Blue: 50g PASTELS Blissful Blue + 25g VIVIDS Blue + 25g VIVIDS Clear

Teal: 50g PASTELS Mystical Mint + 25g VIVIDS Green + 25g VIVIDS Clear

Lemongrass: 20g VIVIDS Locked-In Yellow + 20g VIVIDS Clear

  1. Step 1 Beginning in the nape and back corner sections below the occipital bone, paint Teal at the root area 1 1/2” down melting into Marina Blue through the mid-shaft, then melting into Daybreak Violet at the ends.
  2. Step 2 Next, color the back and side sections below the parietal from one side of the head to the other to ensure a consistent shine line.  In each paper, melt the base color of Daybreak Violet into Marina Blue into Teal, into a shine line of Lemongrass into Teal, into Marina Blue and finish at the ends with Daybreak Violet. The length of each color increases as you work higher through the sections to preserve the consistent transition.
  3. Step 3 Recreate this technique with the corresponding color pattern throughout the top sides and crown areas.
  4. Step 4 Process for 30 minutes.