Berry Blonde with Matrix ColorSync Watercolors

Hair Artist: Erica Reynolds KeelenPhotographer: Daryna Barykina

Matrix ColorSync Watercolors Shades

Color #1: 20g Coral Peach + 10g Clear

Color #2: 25g Clear + 5g Quartz Pink

Color #3: 25g Clear + 10g Berry Violet

Color #4: 20g Clear + 5g Sapphire Blue

Color #5: Clear

All color was mixed with 10 vol.

  1. Step 1 Section the hair into three V shapes in the back. Two 1/8-inch slices back to back were colored starting with Color #2, color melting into Color #3 then finishing off the strand of hair with Color #4. There were three sections on each side of the head colored the same way.
  2. Step 2 The rest of the hair was colored starting at the base. Bring Color #1 down about 2 inches, color melting into Color #2, then color melting down about 1 inch into Color #5, then color melting down 3 inches, then into color formula 3 on ends of hair.