Pop Art with Aveda

Hair styles on Mia hairdresser app
Formula provided by Dallan Flint for Taylor Andrews AcademyPhotographer: Keith BryceMakeup: Daniela Rowson

Aveda Shades

60g Enlightener + 120g 20 Vol.

20g IB + 10g PPG + 10g PPY (Lime Green) + 80g 10 Vol.

60g IB + 5g PPB + 15g PPG (Blue) + 80g 10 Vol.

10g IB + 10g PPY (Yellow) + 20g 10 Vol.

40g IB + 15g PPB +25g PPG (Green) + 80g 10 Vol.

  1. Step 1 Decolorize the four subsections with Enlightener with 30 Vol. (See diagram below. Note: model started with natural level 10N.)
  2. Step 2 Process and rinse once you have achieved the Lightest Pale Blonde, Level 10.
  3. Step 3 Section out from the partial bone to the occipital bone, creating four star shapes.
  4. Step 4 In the first star shape section at the frontal bone, apply Yellow.
  5. Step 5 In the second star shape section at the crown, apply Blue.
  6. Step 6 In the two star shape sections on the partial bone, apply Lime Green.
  7. Step 7 Process for 20 minutes.
  8. Step 8 Rinse out each foil individually with cold water until water becomes clear.
Aveda Pop Art Diagram