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Hair Color Management Software

An industry FIRST! Interactive, multi-platform technology works how you do – from client consult, to formulation, color application, client results and social media sharing, all while providing measurable benefits!

Suretint™ Advantages

From desktop to mobile, Suretint™ has a platform for all devices. And they integrate together too! Professional salons and independent colorists alike can use Suretint™ customized to their own needs. Everyone wants to use it. Now, everyone can.


Client Profiles

Create and keep detailed client color info.



Realize 20-35% color savings. Save money. Save time. Reduce waste. Be green.



Consistent client formulas and results. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


Social Sharing

Showcase YOUR work.  Attract new clients.  Share before and after photos.


On-Demand Reports

Never-before available info at your fingerprints. See color service data usage.

How It Works

Simple, Intuitive, Precise, Professional


Hair Profile

Enter client info (at the chair or wherever you want).


Formula Creation

Create your formula-any hair color product, any technique, any time. We track and store the info.


Dispense Color

Dispense recommended amount of color, developer & additive. Grab your bowl and go create magic!

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How to Use

From desktop to mobile, Suretint™ has a platform for all devices. And they integrate together too! Professional salons and independent colorists alike can use Suretint™ customized to their own needs. Everyone wants to use it. Now, everyone can.

Anywhere Accessibility

Portability means client consultations at the chair

Mix Mastery

SureTint™ tackles the math with 100% accuracy. Pour the exact amount needed on your client’s hair. Intelligent scales precisely pinpoint each mix.

Social Media Sharing

Showcase your color creations across social media channels and attract new clients.

SureTint™ Color

Consistent Results. Accurate Amounts. Reliable Information. Everytime.

See Suretint™ InAction

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Check Out Who's Using Suretint™


Since deploying the Mia system, we no longer have extra bowls of color lining the counter, waiting to use on the next client.

Frank Gambuzza, Owner of Salon Visage

Mia - My Intelligent Assistant - certainly is very intelligent and quite amazing at what it can do! We all have client record cards, so why not use Mia to save pictures, formulas, application for you in one place and record what inventory you have used. It truly is a brilliant App.

Sue Pemberton, International Artistic Director for Sue Pemberton Education & Private Studio Salon

No serious salon operator should be without Mia. In two months, we saved 26% in hair color.

Martino Cartier, Celebrity Stylist, Salon Owner, Educator and Bravo TV Personality

As colorists, we create customized nuances for every guest. For MIA to record each and every one, keeps our creations consistent each and every visit. We love that MIA is just a tap away, keeping accurate records of our magic each and every day.

Christopher Dove and John Simpson, Owners of COCRE8

Mia is a key component in helping owners understand the back-end of their business.

Marc Levitan, Owner of Essentials Salon and Day Spa & Essentials Valley Square

From the moment I saw this groundbreaking technology, as well as the numerous, measurable benefits Mia offers salons and colorists, I knew I wanted this system for my salon. Mia - My Intelligent Assistant - is game changing and no salon or professional should be without it.

Oscar Blandi, Celebrity & Editorial Stylist, Owner of Oscar Blandi Salon,

Data Like You’ve Never Seen Before

It’s all the hair color info you wished you knew but didn’t – until NOW! Every product used.Every client application done. Every bit of info on your color business anytime.

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